Dedicated IP address

Your web site may also be found by it's dedicated IP address. The email server will send the email originating from your dedicated IP address. You may get better results in search engines. You may install a SSL certificate on your web site.

JSP / Servlet

Enable Java Server Pages and Servlets through Tomcat.

QuickSSL Premium

A highly trusted, highly credible single root install SSL certificate delivered in just 10 minutes. With QuickSSL you get true 128/256-bit SSL encryption that's fully compatible with the leading Web browsers. QuickSSL enables your Web site to activate the browser's "LOCK" icon, indicating data will be protected from interception or tampering using secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypting technology. Therefore, our QuickSSL makes your on-line visitors of confident of safety and security in sending credit card account numbers and other confidential information over the Internet. GeoTrust's exclusive automated authentication system ensures that QuickSSL certificates are issued only to authorized recipients. Lastly, the Quick SSL offers the same great encryption you get with the Rapid SSL, but you also have the ability to get your certificate re-issued if you change IP’s, the RSA key is lost through an OS reload or other circumstance require it.


SSL certificates offer secure transmissions of personal information. RapidSSL Certificates enable businesses to obtain fully functional and trusted SSL certificates and are ideal for securing internal Web sites. RapidSSL is a 128/256-bit single root SSL certificate. owns the root used to issue RapidSSL certificates, which makes it a stable SSL offering. RapidSSL assures browser recognition rates of about 99 percent. If you perform any level of e-commerce transactions, and value warrants an SSL certificate from a known brand.

Shell access

Initiate SSH sessions to your web hosting account.